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Pedestrian Accidents

Everyone has the right to walk, bicycle or drive without fearing for his or her safety. Sadly, this right is too often violated by distracted, inattentive and/or aggressive drivers. Unfortunately, even if you take all the proper precautions, an accident is not always avoidable. In Philadelphia, pedestrian accidents made up the bulk of all traffic accident injuries and fatalities in 2016. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that Philly had the highest pedestrian accident rate in the country in 2016; pedestrians and bicyclists accounted for roughly half (47-53 percent) of all traffic fatalities and injuries. According to Metro Philadelphia, in 2017, “96 people were killed in traffic crashes…40 of whom were pedestrians and three of whom were bicyclists.”

If you or someone you know was struck by a vehicle while you were walking lawfully down the street, then you are likely entitled to compensation for damages. Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer, Adam E. Grutzmacher, has been representing wrongfully injured victims for more than a decade. Adam has always been passionate about upholding people’s fundamental rights and has made a successful career out of doing so. He is an active member of the Pennsylvania Association of Justice to ensure he does everything he can to help local Philadelphians who have been wrongfully injured due to another’s negligence. He knows the complicated details of all state and federal traffic laws and has powerful resources he can utilize in order to win clients favorable outcomes.

What Steps Can I Take After Being Involved in a Pedestrian Accident?

It is extremely disorienting to be involved in an accident as a pedestrian. The best thing to do at the time of the incident is to stay calm, move out of the street if possible and seek medical attention if needed. You should also always call the police. When you can, call your insurance company and then seek the help of an experienced Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer. He or she can help determine whether or not you have a strong claim and help you gather evidence that you may not be able to obtain easily on your own. Generally, this evidence includes:

  • Photographs of the scene. If you are able to at the time of the accident, take all the photographs you can of the vehicles involved as well as any surrounding damage (guardrails, light posts etc). Take wide shots, close-ups and everything in between — you can never be too detailed. It may even be possible in some areas to obtain traffic light footage of the incident.
  • Information from relevant parties. This includes the driver’s contact information and insurance as well as any witnesses contact information as their testimony may prove useful if the case ends up in court.
  • Medical bills and costs. If you need medical attention, do not wait to seek it out. The later you wait to go to a hospital or doctor for injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident, the more ammunition the prosecution has to say that you were not that injured and therefore will petition for a lower amount of awarded damages (or none at all). To help combat this argument, it helps to obtain a copy of any bills or other health documents from your doctor’s visit or hospital stay.

If all three of the above are obtained, then you have the basis of a strong personal injury claim. A Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer can help make your case even stronger as well as negotiate and fight on your behalf with the defendant’s insurance and attorney to ensure that your rights are being upheld and protected.

Questions About Your Pedestrian Accident? Our Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help

Being involved in an accident is a stressful event for all parties — especially those parties who have been wrongfully injured. Not only do you have to deal with lost wages on account of not being able to work, but are also likely facing a mountainous pile of medical bills that seem insurmountable. If you or someone you were with was hit as a pedestrian by a negligent driver, then you have legal rights and options. You are likely entitled compensation to cover those and other damages incurred as a result of the accident.

Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer, Adam Grutzmacher, has the knowledge and experience needed to help fellow Philadelphians who have been wrongfully injured in a pedestrian accident. He understands the amount of stress this puts people through and, for this reason, will discuss the details of your case free of charge — it is his ultimate goal to leave you with peace of mind. Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation to see how we can help get your life back on track.

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