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Multiple Cameras in Philadelphia

Is the Red Bull Flugtag Really Just Fun and Games?

Do you know what the Red Bull Flugtag is? In events scattered around the world, adventure seekers bring their own flying contraptions and sail them off a 20-foot platform into a body of water below. No one really expects their machines to fly, but dropping off a virtual cliff into murky water is often seen … Continue reading

Aftermath of a pedestrian accident.

How Do I Hold a Driver Liable After a Pedestrian Accident?

When a driver hits a pedestrian, who is at fault for the accident? Usually, fault is determined by proving which party acted in a negligent manner. If a pedestrian is filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver, the pedestrian will be responsible for proving that the driver breached his or her duty of care … Continue reading

Empty Wheelchair in Philadelphia Hospital

Could a Limousine Company Be Liable for a Burn Injury Because Its Limo Was Too Small?

It was the night of February 1, 2014 when a group of friends got together for a birthday celebration. These former college classmates were expecting a night bar hopping and fun, but one of them ended the night early. Now his case against a chauffeur company has finally ended, and he could finally be compensated … Continue reading

Young Woman Using Cell Phone

Are Social Media Posts Fair Game in Auto Accident Lawsuits?

Auto accident injury lawsuits can be very important and complex affairs. Because of this, pieces of evidence become crucial in determining fault, damages and compensation. But does evidence collected from social media meet the rigorous standards necessary for these lawsuits? One Pennsylvania judge has given his answer to that question while answering a motion in … Continue reading

Young Family in Philadelphia

Did a Defective Chair Cause the Amputation of a Child’s Finger?

In July 2015, a one-and-a-half year-old child from Pittsburgh was in her Sesame Street folding chair when something went wrong. The chair tipped backwards, folded up and crashed to the ground with the toddler in it. The metal legs pinched and crushed the child’s fingers, causing severe injuries. Now, the child’s parents want compensation, but … Continue reading

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