Premises Liability Claims and Lawsuits
We explain winter premises liability claims.

During Icy Conditions, Who Is Liable for an Injury From Slipping on Ice?

Winter is among us, bringing below-freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions such as snow, black ice and sleet. While these conditions are especially hazardous to motorists, ice can also pose a threat to pedestrians if left untreated. Due to these wintery conditions, premises liability claims tend to occur more frequently this time of year as more … Continue reading

Picture of a Happy Young Family Having Fun

What Are Common Premises Liability Cases During the Summer?

The summer is a great time for families and friends to relax and enjoy fun activities that are not available to them for the rest of the year. Since children are not in school, there are many more events and attractions open in the city that kids and their parents can attend. However, with this … Continue reading

Alcohol with Car Keys and Handcuffs in a Philadelphia Bar

Are Pub Owners in Brookline Trying to Dodge Pennsylvania Dram Shop Laws?

In February 2014, a man was walking home after enjoying a drink at a local pub in Brookline. However, that man would never make it home. A drunk driver struck the pedestrian on the sidewalk along Pioneer Avenue. The man’s family is now seeking restitution from the bar that served the drunk driver. But could … Continue reading

Picture of a Cityscape with Bright Lights and Tourist Events

Are Events Venues Responsible When Patrons Are Attacked?

Just days after hosting media day for the Super Bowl, Prudential Center in Newark hosted UFC 169. This mixed martial arts competition sported two title fights where Jose Aldo and Ricardo Lamas defended the bantamweight and featherweight titles, respectively. However, the fighting wasn’t exclusive to the ring, and two spectators were injured. Now, a lawsuit … Continue reading

Picture of a Lady Slipping and Falling on a Wet Floor

Injured by Falling Debris, Can the Victim Sue?

A woman shopping in a Lululemon store was expecting to find good deals on sports and yoga gear. Instead, she got a trip to the hospital where she underwent surgery on a freshly injured shoulder. The incident led to her filing a lawsuit against a nearby business, and now a settlement has been reached. Why … Continue reading

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