What Are Premises Liability Cases That Can Occur in the Summer?

What Are Common Premises Liability Cases During the Summer?

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The summer is a great time for families and friends to relax and enjoy fun activities that are not available to them for the rest of the year. Since children are not in school, there are many more events and attractions open in the city that kids and their parents can attend. However, with this freedom comes the risk of accidents that can cause potentially serious injuries. Premises liability lawsuits occur when someone gets injured on another person or entity’s property due to someone else’s negligence.

What Kinds of Premises Liability Cases Are Common in the Summer?

  • Swimming pools. Swimming pool injuries are common during the summer. Since the surface surrounding a swimming pool is constantly slippery, the chances of a slip and fall accident are very high, especially for children who are unattended. Drowning can also occur in a swimming pool if your child is an inexperienced swimmer and/or not being properly supervised.
  • Concerts: Outdoor concerts can be extremely crowded and rowdy, which unfortunately can result in serious injuries for attendants. Slip and falls, seat collapses, and pyrotechnic accidents are the most common ways someone can get injured at a concert. Negligent security and improper cleaning or maintenance can also come into effect at these venues.
  • Amusement parks and festivals. Rollercoaster defects are rare, but they can happen and result in deadly injuries and fatalities at an amusement park or summer festival. Besides ride accidents, slip and falls are also common, as well as heat-related injuries such as heatstroke or severe sunburn.

Premises liability is determined by figuring out who was responsible for your injury. Depending on where the injury occurred, either the property owner or another visitor will be responsible for your injuries. If you have been injured this summer on someone else’s property, you could potentially file a premises liability lawsuit. Contact Adam E. Grutzmacher today for a free consultation.

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