Product Liability and Devices That Hurt Consumers
Car Accident in Philadelphia

Will Companies Be Responsible for Damages Caused by Self-Driving Cars?

Do you know what autonomous vehicles are? These are self-driving cars that can navigate public roadways without the intervention of a driver. These revolutionary vehicles are being designed by several automakers and tech companies and are said to be the future of American travel. However, this prospect leaves quite a few legal questions that will … Continue reading

Young Family in Philadelphia

Did a Defective Chair Cause the Amputation of a Child’s Finger?

In July 2015, a one-and-a-half year-old child from Pittsburgh was in her Sesame Street folding chair when something went wrong. The chair tipped backwards, folded up and crashed to the ground with the toddler in it. The metal legs pinched and crushed the child’s fingers, causing severe injuries. Now, the child’s parents want compensation, but … Continue reading

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