May 2018 - Adam E. Grutzmacher
Car Accident in Philadelphia

Will Companies Be Responsible for Damages Caused by Self-Driving Cars?

Do you know what autonomous vehicles are? These are self-driving cars that can navigate public roadways without the intervention of a driver. These revolutionary vehicles are being designed by several automakers and tech companies and are said to be the future of American travel. However, this prospect leaves quite a few legal questions that will … Continue reading

Courtroom sketch of Adam Grutzmacher addressing the jury in the Salvation Army collapse case.

Adam E. Grutzmacher Settles Salvation Army Market Street Collapse Case

Some people have a misconception about what a civil lawsuit is about. They think it is about the money, and that grief drives the victims of horrible accidents to pursue compensation from the party that wronged them. However, civil lawsuits are about far more than that, and looking at the recent settlement of one of … Continue reading

Man in a Wheelchair

What Determines Who Is at Fault in a Civil Lawsuit?

If two vehicles collide at an intersection, which driver is responsible for the resulting damages and injuries? The answer to this question can often be very complex, and it’s only after a thorough investigation that authorities can come to any conclusions. Were traffic laws broken? Was speeding involved? Was anyone under the influence of drugs … Continue reading

Multiple Cameras in Philadelphia

Is the Red Bull Flugtag Really Just Fun and Games?

Do you know what the Red Bull Flugtag is? In events scattered around the world, adventure seekers bring their own flying contraptions and sail them off a 20-foot platform into a body of water below. No one really expects their machines to fly, but dropping off a virtual cliff into murky water is often seen … Continue reading

Aftermath of a pedestrian accident.

How Do I Hold a Driver Liable After a Pedestrian Accident?

When a driver hits a pedestrian, who is at fault for the accident? Usually, fault is determined by proving which party acted in a negligent manner. If a pedestrian is filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver, the pedestrian will be responsible for proving that the driver breached his or her duty of care … Continue reading

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