Are There Ways My Child Can Stay Safe While Riding the School Bus?

How Can My Child Stay Safe While Riding the School Bus?

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As your children are going back to school, there are many things that you are trying to keep in mind regarding the safety of your child. If your child rides the school bus in the morning and afternoon, you are probably wondering what safety regulations and procedures are in place to help keep your child safe while riding the school bus.

What School Bus Safety Rules Should I Know About?

Large school buses that are over 10,000 pounds use a system called compartmentalization. Compartmentalization is a special design concept that includes tall seat backs, which help to absorb impact and cover all metal parts and spacing throughout the bus’s interior. Studies have shown that compartmentalization is about as safe as seat belt use and can actually be safer than seat belts in some situations (such as preventing whiplash and other seat belt related injuries).

Compartmentalization’s safety design can sometimes help keep your children safer if they ride in a standard large school bus. However, parents should still be aware that injuries can occur while your child is getting on and off the bus. Your child should:

  • Maintain a safe distance from the curb when the bus approaches.
  • Receive the all clear signal from the bus driver. Wait until the bus stops, the doors open, and the bus driver says you can step onto the bus and take your seat.
  • Never walk or run behind the bus. Remain visible at all times, which includes crossing in front of the bus as well. Make eye contact with the bus driver before you cross the road.

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident due to a bus driver’s (or someone else’s) negligence, you could potentially seek compensation for his or her injuries. Contact Adam E. Grutzmacher today for a free consultation.

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