Why Are Cycling and Pedestrian Accidents So Common in Philly?

What Should I Do If I Am Hit by a Passing Vehicle?

Bicycle Accidents in Philadelphia Roads

Philadelphia is a busy city. Traffic often makes riding a bicycle or walking a dangerous prospect, and the injuries that result can be life-altering. To help deal with these changes, there are legal options available to the victims of these horrible incidents. But do you know what those options are?

How Severe Can Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents Be?

A 25-year-old man was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike through an intersection in Center City on September 6. He was taken to the hospital, having suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was listed in critical yet stable condition. On August 30, a baby and his mother were hit by a pickup in Center City. Though the hospital was just across the street, the 1-year-old boy did not survive. The mother was later listed in stable condition.

Pedestrians and cyclists are highly vulnerable to vehicles, which can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. It is estimated that a pedestrian struck by a vehicle going 40 mph has a 90 percent chance of dying. That chance goes down to 10 percent if that vehicle is going 20 mph. However, the injuries sustained by these victims can have long-lasting consequences.

Broken bones can lead to mobility issues and pain. Spinal injuries may require lengthy recoveries or may never fully heal, leaving some victims paralyzed for life. Traumatic brain injuries can be just as bad, resulting in memory loss, seizures or even comas. It can also be expensive to care for people who have suffered injuries like this, and it can be difficult to get health insurance to cover costs related to an auto accident.

What Options Are Available to the Victims?

Filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible for the accident may be a solution to the cost of medical care. If a driver was texting or failed to notice a pedestrian or cyclist, they could be responsible for a collision. Even businesses can be held liable for damages if an employee causes a crash while performing their work duties. There are even situations where drivers can be held responsible for damages even if police don’t charge them with a crime.

These circumstances are why contacting an experienced attorney is important for pedestrians and cyclists who have been struck by a vehicle. To protect yourself or your family, you need to be fully informed of your rights. Adam E. Grutzmacher is an attorney who has litigated for pedestrians and bicyclists in the past. He can help you understand your rights. Call (215)880-1369 for a free consultation.

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