What Hazards to Look Out for While Driving During Thanksgiving

What You Need to Know About Driving During Thanksgiving

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AAA predicted that 50.9 million Americans would travel at least 50 miles for Thanksgiving in 2017. It was a record-breaking number, and 2018 may be on track to break that record. A good economy and job market may usher in an even more active holiday season. But that could also be bad news for Pennsylvania travelers looking to hit the road for Thanksgiving. Here are a few details you may need to know if you’re planning on travelling over the holidays.

Stay Safe While Driving During Thanksgiving

  • Traffic – The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually when most people travel for the holiday. Avoiding the roads when these traffic spikes occur can help you avoid the congestion, and some of the accidents that go with it. Here in Philadelphia, that spike normally happens at around 4 PM. You also want to be careful travelling at around 3 PM on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is usually when people are returning home from the holiday.
  • Drunk Drivers – During holidays, drunk driving increases, and Thanksgiving is one of the deadliest holidays when it comes to this trend. Over 800 people lost their lives to Thanksgiving alcohol-impaired driving from 2012 to 2016. If you are out on the road over the holiday, pay extra attention to drivers swerving and struggling to stay in their lane. Give these drivers plenty of room and keep them in front of you, where they can be seen. If you suspect someone is driving while intoxicated, don’t hesitate to pull over somewhere safe to call the police and report that driver. Your efforts could save lives.
  • Animals – We’ve talked about the increase in traffic and drunk driving, but there is another problem in Pennsylvania that’s just as dangerous. Many animals come out to forage and mate during the fall, and this can lead to encounters on the road. Be sure to keep an eye out for our furry friends when driving. Though hitting a skunk or a beaver won’t do much damage, hitting a deer or moose could end in a fatality for drivers and passengers. Also, be careful not to swerve wildly to avoid colliding with an animal. Sudden evasive maneuvers can roll a vehicle or cause you to crash into another car.

Staying safe this holiday season should be a priority for every traveler out on the road. Hopefully, these tips will help you do just that. However, if you or a loved one find yourselves the victim of an auto accident during your holiday travels, remember to contact the Grutzmacher Law Firm. We may be able to help you secure compensation for your damages.

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