Is SEPTA Negligent of Passenger Safety? Incidents Continue

What Can You Do About SEPTA’s Negligent Safety?

Photo of a SEPTA Bus

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) transports millions of people across five counties in the Philadelphia area. Using buses, trains and trolleys, this agency ensures that locals and tourists get where they need to go. But how safe are the people who use SEPTA’s services? Recent events are leaving some suspicious that SEPTA may not be taking passenger safety seriously enough.

Is SEPTA Negligent When It Comes to Safety?

Last January, two SEPTA trolley cars collided, injuring almost 50 people. One of the trolley drivers was reportedly ill and drowsy from multiple doses of Benadryl. However, he was still allowed to operate the trolley. Does the agency have measures in place to prevent impaired operators from putting passengers at risk? If so, how did this driver get behind the controls?

In August, a man was stabbed to death in the Center City SEPTA station. After two weeks of hunting, authorities were able to arrest the suspect. But how did he bring a knife into the station in the first place? Were there security officers nearby when the attack happened?

In another incident, a little boy was selling candy on a train that just left Allegheny Station. As the train travelled, the boy dropped his candies, and while picking them up, he fell in between the train cars. Subway riders came off the train asking why SEPTA didn’t have gates up to keep passengers from falling in between cars.

When it comes to public transportation, transit authorities have a duty to keep their patrons reasonably safe. However, these events cast doubt on SEPTA’s recent safety efforts. Is the transit authority hiring enough security? Are officials checking that operators are fit for duty? Are there enough safety barriers to keep passengers safe? Neglecting any of these safety measures could leave passengers at risk, but there are legal protections to help.

Filing a premises liability lawsuit against negligent agencies and property owners can help highlight these failings. A lawsuit could even spur change that helps future SEPTA passengers stay safer. A lawsuit can also help victims and their families receive compensation for their losses. That compensation could help pay for medical bills, lost wages and other needs victims face after incidents like this. Contacting an attorney who puts their clients first is an important part of this process. Call (215)880-1369 for a free consultation and find out if Grutzmacher Law Firm can help.

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