Child Injury and Other Concerns for Pennsylvania Parents
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How Do Child Bicycle Accidents in Pennsylvania Occur?

Bicycle accidents are pretty common in big cities throughout Pennsylvania with the increase of cyclist commuters. However, children are still involved in the majority of bicycle accidents every year. Drivers have an increased responsibility to exercise a duty of care while driving near a child on a bicycle. However, many children are often too young … Continue reading

Photo of an MRI Film Showing Potential Brain Injury

Are Pennsylvania Soccer Players Suffering Concussions Due to Negligence?

When talking about the dangers of concussions, many people focus on football due to its big hits. But when it comes to concussions, other sports can be just as dangerous. A new lawsuit is spreading the word, and it wants to hold the governing body of a major sport responsible. But can this new negligence … Continue reading

Picture of a Happy Young Family Having Fun

Who Is Responsible When A Child Is Injured While Playing Sports?

He was standing in the dugout, watching his fellow baseball players battle it out for a win when his entire life was changed forever. An 11-year-old boy was struck in the head by a line-drive foul ball. Now his parents are suing for compensation, but who is being held responsible an injury that happens while … Continue reading

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